‘Simpsons’ Creator Sam Simon Now Hosting Poker Show For Playboy TV

by Lucky Gaming Writer on January 25, 2011

Sam Simon Hosts New Poker Show

He’s Sam Simon, the guy who helped create one of the most successful animated television shows of all time, The Simpsons, together with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks. Simon, who happens to be a recreational gambler, is now hosting a show for Playboy TV called Sam’s Game where celebrity poker players gather to just have a good time.

Sam’s Game premiered last week and according to the LA Times, it’s simply a recreation of the poker games that normally go on in his home, minus the cameras. The show was filmed in a penthouse within the Palm’s Hotel in Las Vegas where he has invited comedians Howard Stern, Norm Macdonald, Jeffrey Ross and even his ex-wife Jennifer Tilly, who plays professionally.

It basically comes down to a friendly game of poker being aired with many of Simon’s close friends. Now how fun is that? The first show aired last week and depending on ratings of course, we’re hoping he gets to stick around.

When Simon isn’t playing poker, he’s out saving stray animals with his foundation that works to spray and neuter dogs for free and offers free surgeries for pets from families with low incomes.

Just a tid bit of information here, according to Wikipedia, Simon worked on the TV show “The Simpsons” up until 1993 but before leaving he managed to score a deal where to this day he receives a share of the profits. That was some really smart negotiating….

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