Foxwoods Casino Gambler Wins $1 Million Bingo Jackpot

by Lucky Gaming Writer on July 6, 2011

Who knew bingo such a hot casino game these days? A woman from Niantic, Connecticut found out for herself while playing in the Foxwoods Casino Firecracker Bingo event on Saturday and scoring a $1 million bingo jackpot.

The woman was playing in a 25th anniversary bingo tournament which is a special annual event for the Connecticut casino that is known for operating one of the world’s largest bingo halls with a 3600 person seating capacity with regular games running twice daily.

According to the Norwich Bulletin, the winner known as Jennifer McKenzie was playing a special bingo game called Progressive Super Jackpot which she entered with a $500 buy in and after filling in her card with all the right winning numbers, she was able to walk away with the million dollar payout.

Foxwoods Resort and Casino is located in Connecticut with a massive property containing 6 casinos including the MGM Grand as well as plenty of restaurants and bars which is all laid out in a 4.5 million square foot property all founded by the Pequot Tribal Nation back in 1992.

It’s was originally established as a bingo hall and it has since grown into the massive operation that it is today. Bingo may be understated and associated with fanny-pack-wearing grannies but never underestimate its jackpot winning potential.

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