Hugh Heffner’s Twin Ex-Girlfriends Celebrate 21st B-Day in Vegas

by Lucky Gaming on October 6, 2010

Twin sisters, Kristina and Karissa Shannon, better known for their stint on the reality television show The Girls Next Door, celebrated their 21st birthday at the Vanity nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas last night minus their ex, Hugh Heffner.

The twins spent most of their evening by partying at the Vanity nightclub where they were joined by their boyfriends and partied well to the wee hours of the morning. According to sources, the girls weren’t particularly shy about having a good time (shocker). “The girls are fearless and not frightened about having a wild time. They danced on top of their booth and were still going strong at 2 a.m.," said a witness from the club.

The twins rose to fame from their days on The Girl’s Next Door, but those days came to an end after they were forced to move out of the Playboy Mansion because they were dating other guys outside of Hugh Heffner. Ok, so Hugh expects these girls to be completely devoted to him?

"After a couple of weeks, Hef was getting a little bit upset about the boyfriends, so he wanted us to move out," Karissa told PopEater.

Apparently, that is the golden rule of the Playboy Mansion. “We were not allowed to have boys in the house, which was the main reason we moved out, Karissa said.

Well, the Shannon twins are proving that there is life after the Playboy Mansion because the girls are set to have a part in Sofia Coppola’s latest movie Somewhere which is set to be released this coming December.

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Top Vegas Casinos That Love To Tweet

by Lucky Gaming Writer on October 5, 2010

Vegas Casinos Adopt Twitter To Communicate to the Masses

These days, if the use of Twitter isn’t part of your shtick then you better start considering it. While it may not be easy to measure conversion, exposure is definitely a key factor when it comes to social media. Now, even some of the top Vegas casinos are jumping into the game, giving their fans the latest scoop on casino events, promotions and news. It’s a great way for visitors to find out the best deals of the moment.

After checking out Tweeting Places, a tool that keeps track of the top Tweeting businesses around the world I was able to determine the top casinos that have joined the social media twitter sphere. Among the top tweeting casinos include:

1. Caesar’s Palace (@CaesarsPalace)
With over 30,000 followers, Caesar’s Palace stands at number one as one of the top Vegas Casinos that love to tweet.

2. The Las Vegas Hilton (@LasVegasHilton)
You won’t see many tweets about Paris Hilton’s latest adventure but you will find tweets about their latest winners and upcoming events.

3. MGM Grand Hotel (@mgmgrand)
Standing strong at 25,068 followers, MGM Grand gives their guest the latest scoop on their resort. Just saw a tweet about a chocolate bacon Belgian waffle….interesting.

4. Luxor Hotel Casino (@LuxorLV)
Great source for local events and managed to catch a tweet about upcoming deals to go see Criss Angel. Over 19,000 followers.

5. O’Sheas Casino (@osheaslasvegas)
O’Sheas prides themselves for the best Beer Pong tournaments in town so if you’re looking to find out more about the next one then it may be a good idea to follow them. 19,000 followers.

Whether you’re into the Tweeting madness or not finding good deals is a great reason to become a follower.

(Photo by

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Money Earning Vernon Scored $136K Playing Slots at Bodog Casino

by Lucky Gaming on October 5, 2010

Some days we have winners and other days we have SUPER MEGA WINNERS such as Vernon S. of MD who won $136,499 playing his favorite real series video slots game at Bodog Casino this past weekend. While Vernon was our trail blazer for the weekend there were a whole slew of winners who won thousands in cash playing our casino games.

Video slots may have helped Vernon scored mega cash this weekend but online blackjack came in a close second, helping many of our winners make it to the top. Remember it’s not the name of the game but how you play it that counts so just go out there and have fun and we’ll see you on our next casino winners list.

Other big Bodog Casino winners over the weekend included:

*Adam K. of OH won $23,924 playing online Blackjack.
*Frank L. of CA won $16,766 playing online Blackjack.
*RJ Y. of VA won $14,910 playing online Blackjack.
*Michael K. of CA won $9,904 playing CHPoker.
*Nandit M. of PA won $9,904 playing Jackpot Piñatas.
*James D. of IL won $9,069 playing Fruit Frenzy.
*David N. of TX won $8,748 playing Aztecs Treasure.
*Michael G. of VT as won $7,739 playing online Blackjack.
*Patricia C. won $7,707 playing Goldbeard.
*Gregory S. of ME won $7,261 playing online Blackjack.

Congratulations to all of our casino players who walked away winners with thousands in casino cash. See you on our next winners list!

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Montreal Mafiosos Found Guilty of Illegal Sports Betting

by Lucky Gaming Writer on October 4, 2010

Montreal Mobsters Plead Guilty To Illegal Sportsbetting

The Sopranos have come to life in Montreal, Canada after a group of men pleaded guilty to running an illegal sports betting operation which had strong ties to a Montreal mafia ring. The men ran a website along with a call center which collected over $26 million dollars during a 17-month period.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the group collected bets on basketball, baseball and hockey through their website and turned over a percentage of the profits to the Montreal Mafia who in exchange would provide financing as well as a team of bullies just in case their customers wouldn’t honor their losses.

Apart from the 10 men involved, Carmelo Cannistraro and Domenico Velenosi where two of the main guys running the operation who pleaded guilty to committing a crime benefiting a criminal organization and are currently facing up to 14 years in prison. These two were believed to have been supervised by other a whole hierarchy within the organization leading to even more arrests.

Currently, Montreal is home to the infamous Rizzuto crime family members, which according to the Montreal Gazzette have been dropping like flies lately – with several mysterious drive-bys and murders. The media have not released information linking the illegal sportsbetting activity to the Rizzuto family but it’s a definite possibility.

Sentencing for this group will remain pending until January of 2011.

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Californians Spend Welfare Checks at Vegas Casinos

by Lucky Gaming on October 4, 2010

Are welfare recipients entitled to go on vacation? The California Department of Social Services released a report revealing that over $69 million in welfare money was spent in several vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Hawaii and Florida which is sending tax payers spinning.

The reports released by the LA Times revealed that Las Vegas was the location frequented by welfare recipients the most, with over $11.8 million being spent at top Vegas hotels such as the Tropicana, the Venetian and several shops and restaurants throughout the city between 2007 and 2010.

According to the LA Times, many casinos will block the use of welfare cards in their ATMs but that doesn’t stop people from going to a local convenience store to withdraw the funds. The San Diego County district attorney’s office claims that a one off situation isn’t a problem but its repeat offenders that they are looking for.

The problem seems to lie with the state of California not following up on probably welfare fraud cases including people who may be receiving multiple welfare checks from more than one state. Welfare checks are meant to cover family’s basic day to day expenses, so you can safely assume that those checks aren’t given with a fancy holidays in mind.

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Vegas Declared The Scariest Place To Be on Halloween

by Lucky Gaming on October 1, 2010

Any plans for Halloween? If you’re looking to get spooked this year then you may consider going to the scariest place on earth – Las Vegas. Vegas hotels and casinos are going all out this year to promote Halloween to the fullest with their haunted casinos, Circus Circus Fright Dome and even a Fetish and Fantasy Ball.

At the top of the list is the Circus Circus Fright Dome, which was voted one of the top five scariest attractions in the U.S. The attraction houses five different haunted houses full of the scariest scenes you could possibly imagine which are reminiscent of The Texas Chainsaw massacre and Saw. From watching the video clip from their website, you may want to wear an adult diaper if you have plans on going.

If a haunted house doesn’t do it for you then another option is Madame Tussauds wax museum. If true to life wax figures aren’t scary enough then you’ll want to check out their Halloween creations. This year, for the final week of October, they’re turning the museum into a haunted prison filled with wax Zombies and such. Visitors can walk through the “Scream Horror Maze” which tells a spooky tale in the dark.

A third option is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's Fetish and Fantasy Ball which is a feast for the eyes with all the exotic and outlandish costumes that adorn the night. The ball gives an air or a Brazilian street carnival on acid. This is a great party to go to especially if you’ve spent your evening walking through zombie filled rooms. For those brave souls wanting to let their guard down and get freaky can start planning their ultra-fab costume for the October 30th event.

There are many more Halloween events happening this year in Vegas and if you’re feeling brave and put up with a gore fest then Vegas may just be the perfect Halloween destination.

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Tony Curtis Memorial To Be Held on Monday In Vegas

by Lucky Gaming Writer on October 1, 2010

Tony Curtis Memorial In Las Vegas

The memorial for Hollywood legend, Tony Curtis, will venture outside of Tinsel Town and onto Las Vegas this coming Monday. The actor 85-year-old actor passed away on Wednesday from cardiopulmonary arrest, was known for his long acting career in hits such as Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe , The Defiant Ones among almost 100 others.

According to People Magazine, the memorial will take place at 2p.m. eastern time at the Palm Mortuary and Cemetery, Green Valley in Las Vegas. Curtis was survived by his wife Jill, three daughters, a son and seven grandchildren.  He was known for his many marriages, including his relationship with Janet Leigh which spanned a decade and produced two children including Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Despite of his success, Curtis struggled with his addictions to alcohol and drugs which eventually led to cirrhosis and heart issues among other health problems.

Curtis will be best remembered for his talent on the silver screen as well as his skills as a painter which he adopted as a second career.

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Hail Caesar! Michael S. of IL Scored $47K Playing Caesar’s Empire

by Lucky Gaming on October 1, 2010

Michael S. of IL has managed to conquer Caesar’s Empire and win a grand total of $47,139! Congratulations to Michael who won a hefty sum just in time for the weekend. Our second place spot went to Irma G. of TX, who also won big playing Caesar’s Empire and walked away with an $8,377 win.

So what’s the draw to Caesar’s Empire slot machine? Let me count the ways…it comes with awesome bonus features and of course, the random progressive jackpot!

Other big Bodog Casino winners from yesterday include:

-Terry W. of TX won $5, 525 playing Aztec’s Treasure online slots.
-Carolyn L. of NC won $5,346 playing Lions Lair online slots.
-Jack H. of TX won $4,881 playing Paris Beauty online slots.
-David N. of TX won $4, 500 playing Aztecs Treasure online slots.
-Robert K. of WI won $4, 440 playing Pai Gow online poker game.
-Brian S. of AB won $ 3, 863 playing Caesar's Empire online slots.
-Crystal F. of won $3, 700 playing online Blackjack.
-Timothy M. of LA won $3, 085 playing Witches and Wizard online slots.

While Caesar’s Empire online slot machine may be the hot selection for today, remember that Bodog Casino offers a wide selection of classic 3-reels, fun video slots and wild progressives.

Congratulations to all of our casino winners! Have a great weekend!

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iPhone App Gives VIP Access To Hottest Vegas Night Clubs

by Lucky Gaming on September 29, 2010

Have you ever wondered how to make your way into the VIP section of the hottest night clubs?  Well, I personally wouldn’t know, but lucky for people like you and I there’s a new iPhone app that connects you to some of the coolest night clubs in Vegas and around the U.S.

The iPhone app is called Velvet Rope and after a quick download, users can get VIP access to night clubs such as the Haze at Aria Hotel, The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel as well as Jet and Revolution Lounge both located within the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. iPad Modo also shared how other Vegas clubs are being added to this new marketing initiative including Moon, Playboy Club, Rain and Ghostbar.  These were recent additions to the software and there are more and more being added every day.

So how does it work? After a user downloads the Velvet Rope software, they are able to browse through a list of night clubs and events, once the user finds their event of choice they can view all details and information concerning the club and place a reservation for a table along with the number of guests. Easy!

The Velvet Rope app is free to download and is available for most major cities including Las Vegas, Miami and Washington D.C. Great idea, it takes away from actually standing before a velvet rope and facing some of those lovely judgemental bouncers.

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“Arrest Me” Says Alabama Casino Developer to Illegal Gambling Task Force

by Lucky Gaming Writer on September 29, 2010

Country Crossing Closes Due To Unclear Bingo Laws

Ronnie Gilley, an Alabama casino developer has had enough with Governor Robert Riley, who set up an illegal gambling task force that shut down his operation which left him broke and over 1,000 people unemployed. Gilley, who had complied with gambling regulations prior to the creation of the gambling task force, is livid and is asking officials to arrest him in order to test the new bogus regulations.

Gilley ran the Country Crossings complex which housed 1,200 bingo machines which according to him adhered to the Supreme Court rulings concerning electronic bingo machines. According to Sam Cherry, Gilley’s attorney, officials had come by the casino to inspect their bingo machines before the opening of the casino and had even invited Governor Riley to come by as well.

Gilley, who held a hearing asking Riley to arrest him in order to test the law and find out once and for all if the bogus law can stand on its own two feet or if it’s Just Riley concocting some cowboy task force.

In a press conference held Gilley, he urged Riley to arrest him saying, “If that’s what it takes to get this before a jury of my peers, by all means arrest me,” Ronnie Gilley said. “Tell them to come put the handcuffs on me.”

Country Crossings, which has been closed for over nine months now, will remain closed until the laws are clearly defined by the State of Alabama.

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